Understanding The Nightclub Culture And Lingo

In the club world, it’s a never-ending race to out-trend the next guy. It’s a historical fact that communities have made it so appropriately inappropriate to participate in even the most embarrassing fads as rites of passage into social circles. Past fashions and behaviors such as the MC Hammer drop-crotch pant (which is totally back “in” now as far as street wear is concerned, FYI) and embarrassing group dances such as the Macarena and the Soulja Boy have helped to define generations. The current club culture is no different. The average observant will witness the usual skinny ties on skinny guys and the girls who brag about their “red-bottoms” when they can’t pronounce “Louboutin.” The electronic music realm is reigning supreme, and it’s obvious that attending the most popular DJ set on a certain night is a must if one wishes to remain relevant and informed. This is an outline of a few general guidelines you should follow if you wanna be cool.

Staying in-the-loop for these crazes can be confusing, and being even a little bit behind can cost you some serious cool points. One must never wear a foil Affliction tee or a luxury parody item (i.e. Homies, Palace tees, COMME des FUCKDOWN and even PLAYED des FUCKOUT merch) and should keep the fist-pumping to a minimum (I understand it’s difficult, but try to have some self-control).

Should someone meet the requirements of not looking like a d-bag upon arrival, there are then certain cultural norms that must be regularly observed in the clubs; the most important of which is “turning up.” In order to “turn up” (often written as #TURNUP), one must consume copious amounts of alcohol and channel any inner, animalistic characteristics he or she might possess. Once “turnt,” a patron has become part of the turnip farm, or the mass crowd of everyone else doing the exact same thing.


When the club has turned into said turnip farm, you can expect the occasional uninhibited woman to express herself. Most females of this type will arrive with their close friends, or “twerk team,” who can be identified by their high-waist bottoms, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, and skin-tight galaxy-print crop-tops. These women will suddenly exhibit impressive athletic abilities by balancing upside-down while twerking and diving head-first into DJ booths. Women who posses the ability to twerk correctly and efficiently are regarded in the highest respect at the nightclubs. I mean, everyone around will stop to marvel at the rare and artistic interpretive dance.

The recreational club-goer should also have some concerns in the midst of the celebrations. Nowadays, partiers have begun to live in fear of death while out partying. If you follow nightlife frequenters, you’ll read through a barrage of social media updates about the talent killing, murdering, and other homicidal-type actions when recounting “it” between about midnight and four AM every night. Occasionally you’ll find Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz’ recently coined “RIP” when describing the crowds. What is “it” that is being offed every night? How is this injustice going unenforced so frequently?!


Among the abrasive phrases, certain positive sounding and somewhat confusing terms are intermixed. “Leggo” is a term used to round up the troops and call everyone to action. One must alert his or her cohorts to LEGGO before “epic” nights (describing the highest level of party greatness) can be achieved.

In order to be accepted in the nightclub culture, one must observe certain societal norms. Acceptable appearance is the first step before turning up, twerking out, and then killing it every night. After calling partygoers to LEGGO, the journey to reach an epic night has begun. The #TURNUP might be the most important factor leading to the twerk out, and a party patron needs to always be on the lookout for violent talent for his or her own safety on a nightly basis. Keep these tips in mind for the next outing to the nightclubs if you wanna be cool and informed.

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