12 Types Of Drunk Girls You Will Find In The Nightclub

People-watching in the nightclubs is one of the many reasons that a patron might be attracted to the idea of going out. Not everyone is a lush, a music aficionado, or a social butterfly, among other character types that are drawn to nightlife. A general observer might notice certain recurring characters in the clubs, such as the personality types of various drunk girls.
The Screamer


Every song is her favorite song and she can be easily identified by her high-pitched “WOO!” when her favorite song has come on again. Drunken men sometimes mistake this frequent and shrill screech as a mating call.


The Crier

The tears are a common reaction for this girl when she is intoxicated. She is overly emotional and needs comfort in-between her drunken sobs.


The Earth-Lover


The girls running around the clubs and casinos in bare feet with heels in hand might actually be doing this to become more natural and closer to mother Earth. Let’s just pretend, okay?


The Warrior


Attack mode is standard for these girls after one too many cocktails. They are more than willing to fight for the most noble reasons, like being given dirty looks or being ever so slightly bumped in the crowds.


The Purist

Alcohol in large amounts is never good for the human body. The purist understands this and will purge herself of the poisons every time she drinks; sometimes in inappropriate settings, whether purposefully or not.


The Huntress


The D is an abundant, yet elusive concept for the huntress. This girl turns into a total slut after a few cocktails. She is constantly on the prowl and the extra drinks just make her hunt simpler every night.


The Dementiatic


This girl suffers from a (sometimes very severe) form of temporary dementia. She will not remember who she is, what club she is at, or where her friends are. Her social media updates are always really funny in the mornings, though.


The Grandiose Delusionist


Often found at the doors of the club questioning security, “do you know who I am?” These girls have partied with “important” people a few times and obviously are entitled to VIP treatment on a regular basis.


The Sophisticate

Super Estudio

With an exceptional taste in men and menswear alike, this drunk girl will accept nothing less than the perfect man in the perfect suit. Although, such sophisticated tendencies do not always override the sloppy abilities.


The Dancer


The energy and passion that this girl exhibits for the art of dance is powerful. Never mind if her rhythm is off and she’s almost fallen down into the booths multiple times. She is a dancing queen.


The Conversationalist and The Mute


The conversationalist (and adversely, the mute) is a certain character that is friendly and chatty to an extreme extent in the nightclubs. She will come up with an abundance of stories with a plethora of details after a few strong drinks.


The Lover


Hugs and cheek-kisses and proclamations of love are tell-tale signs of a lover. This girl is suddenly genuinely in love with the people around her and insists that everyone knows it.

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