5 Party Tricks That Will Help You Standout

Majority of people who attends party or even a small gathering absolutely want to standout. However, it is not that easy to achieve especially, if you cannot do something unique or interesting. That is why it is always better to have an extra talent available if you really want to standout and be remembered as the star of the night.


There are lots of things that you can do to be noticeable in a party and here are some of the party tricks that are sure to help you accomplish your desired result:

1. Joggling / Cocktail making – What is a party without cocktail drinks? It is certainly a must to make a particular event more fun and exciting. You can entertain other guest with cocktail making with a little bit of bottle joggling to make your performance enjoyable, create colorful drinks, and creatively decorate it for a smooth finish. Do this and you are sure to grab every guest’s attention. However, cocktail making or joggling requires practice so make sure that before you perform in front of others, you were able to master this skill already as well as all the tools that you need to successfully create a cocktail that everyone would surely love.

2. Dark Magic – This trick is also called black magic and this has proven its efficiency in wowing people. It is actually easy to do you just need to have a conspirator probably a friend to help you perform the trick. It is simply identifying an object that a random person has chosen secretly, he or she would tell it to your conspirator and you should identify it by answering yes or no when your friend mentions different objects in the room, this does not use any kind of magic, it is just a simple trick. First thing that you need to do is talk to your conspirator and both of you should agree in one color, which is usually black that is why it is called black magic. Your conspirator would mention different objects inside the room and once he or she mentioned an object that is color black, the next object that he or she is going to say is the right one. Easy yet enough to make you remarkable.

3. Cut an apple with your bare hands – Cutting an apple in half using just your hands might look like an impossible thing to do especially, if you are a girl but you can absolutely do it in just few seconds. Just place the apple between your two hands, place your thumbs on top of it, squeeze it, and twist each side towards two different directions following a circular motion.

4. Beer glass trick – This is perhaps the easiest not a trick but a trivia, but since not all beer glass are identical, you must check it first before doing the trick. Most beer glasses’ circumference measures the same as their height, measure it using a string and show it to your friends.

5. Impersonate famous people or friends – If you know of to impersonate, then you are sure to have the spot in every party that you attend. Just copy their tone, the way they move, or funny mannerisms and you are sure to standout.


Those are just some of the party tricks that you can do so you can standout among the crowd.

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