11 Things You’ll Regret In Your 30s – Nightclub Edition

I read an article about the regrets in life when you’re 30 and found it rather interesting, so I decided to change everything about it and write my own article in relevance to the party scene and something us party-goers can relate to.


1. The shoulds

You’ve always wanted to live on the edge and get it out of your system when you had the chance. You feel like you should have did that line of cocaine off that girl’s tits at that after party when you had the opportunity. When your favorite DJ offers you an ecstasy tab and you weren’t sure to do it or not. Life changes when you settle down and moments of regrets about things you should have done when you were single and partying start to settle in. I mean, once you hit your 30s, you want to start thinking of marriage and having kids, right? (Don’t do drugs).


2. Not spending time with your loved ones

During your party years, you spend a lot of time hungover, high, waking up with 3 naked women in your hotel room, driving home drunk, fist pumping and drunk with your friends inside of a club and the list of crazy shit goes on. You never get a chance to slow down and enjoy the special time with your family and loved ones. You’re always worried about the next party and recovering. Don’t wake up one day thinking back how the past 15 years you wished you spent more time with the people that matter.


3. Putting partying first

No matter how old you are, you will look back and say to yourself “I wish I didn’t party so much. I wish I stopped and smelled the roses sometimes.” It’s inevitable. Trust me. Put yourself first.


4. Spending time on negative energy

All the negativity that comes along with partying can become overwhelming and stressful. Some of these things lead to depression, becoming an alcoholic, doing drugs and living unhappy. People get drunk and are more emotional. People are high on drugs and may react to situations differently and cause an argument or fight. Guys are jealous of another promoter stealing the girls that were on his guestlist. A VIP host is upset at another VIP host for stealing his table clients. This and many more things all comes with the territory of being a party animal. Just. Let. It. Go.


5. Thinking your 30s was old

You were partying throughout your 20s and reached your big dirty 30 birthday. You are thinking that maybe you are getting too old for this. Life doesn’t start till you’re 30. Go out and party and have fun. Live your life.


6. Not putting yourself first

Your entire party life in your 20s you feel like you may have done it all. You’re always looking to please others, making sure people get into a nightclub, making sure all the girls at your VIP table get enough vodka and champagne. You’re the life of the party and you always think about others when in the end, they don’t give a shit about you other than making sure you always have what they need. Fuck that. Do stuff for yourself more times than not. These party people won’t be around all your life. Do you.


7. Not taking better care of your body

Free vodka, late night dinners (eating like shit), smoking cigarettes, doing drugs and staying up during odd party hours can take a harsh effect on your mind, body and soul. You will regret this later and realize a little exercise, eating semi healthy and extra sleep would have been greatly beneficial to your long term party lifestyle.


8. Not taking chances

This relates to number 1. It’s simple. Do shit you won’t regret. Sometimes it’s ok to not play it safe. You see a guy you like in the club? Go talk to him. She wants to go home with you after a night of dancing and partying? Do it.


9. Not saving and investing enough

The party scene is very superficial. It costs a lot of money to upkeep that wardrobe of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Those bottles of vodka you just spent 500.00 on to impress the girls you’re with are not cheap. It’s a price you pay to be in the party scene, but save some money. You don’t want to be in your 30s and broke.


10. Not traveling enough

You’re always partying and you get stuck in the vicious cycle of the fast pace lifestyle. I’ve learned that a simple balance in my life is to travel a little bit. The weight gets lifted off your shoulders and you forget all the bullshit that comes along with being a socialite and partying all the time.


11. Caring too much about what others think

The superficial world leads to superficial things. You’re so busy being popular that you’re always being judged for everything you do and never have time to relax. You’re always worried about what others think because your image is everything in the party scene. Stop investing time and energy about what people who don’t care about you think. Your real friends will be there no matter how cool you are.

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