High-Paying Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree for In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a land of opportunity when it comes to the abundance of career options. In comparison to the rest of the United States, Nevada exercises some of the most relaxed laws when it comes to gambling, liquor, and other lucrative activity. Vegas is one of the greatest places to go to give society the big middle-finger, to prove everyone wrong who said that people who don’t seek higher education will earn less than that guy who paid a university to receive some B.S. (ha-ha get it?!)


VIP Host

This job will require a certain level of business savvy, but doesn’t necessarily require a degree. Individuals who are organized, driven, and specifically good at networking will pick up a career as a VIP host in the casinos or nightclubs with ease. Projecting a good self-image and creating a reliable and wealthy client database are some of the most important regular tasks for the VIP Host; who will make up to 10% commission on clients expenditures in addition to yearly salaries in some cases. If a host’s client buys that $75,000 bottle of champagne one night…well, you can do the math.


Cocktail Server

Taking on a profession as a cocktail server is much more difficult than what meets the eye. These gorgeous women not only must deliver the highest level of service on a professional level (and most times, with drunk men in such crowded areas, it becomes extremely difficult), but also must maintain their physique if they want to be re-hired every season. Staying in tip-top shape in order to be hired to top-tier clubs is not only physically tiring, but can be mentally draining. These women know that the reward is worth the work, though. With auto-gratuity becoming a more common feature on nightclub tabs, a handsome 18%-20% on the aforementioned $75,000 bottle of bubbly makes a little juice dieting totally worth it.


Hotel, Casino, and Nightclub Managers

Many times, management positions are earned through proven hard work on the bottom levels before moving up to top dog. It’s becoming more common to hear about the bar back working for a low hourly wage and tip share, rising up through the ranks to become a six-figure salaried member of management. In this case, diligence, attention to the job, and a strong work ethic will earn an individual a solid and well-compensated career.


High-Limit Dealers

More formally known as croupiers, high-limit gaming dealers will often times make some high-level tips. For seasoned or frivolously wealthy gamblers in popular casinos, a few hundred in tips doesn’t feel like a big deal, especially when they’re just giving away a little plastic chip. Training to become a card or gaming dealer is simple and quick with the casino gaming schools in Nevada, charging only two-to-three-hundred dollars for two-week courses on the tricks of the trade.


Nightlife Promoter

A career path that begins with an honest hustle on the street can turn into an extremely rewarding profession. Promotions managers can make a very decent sum of money annually, if the street promoter chooses to move upward with the companies. Promoters who choose to go independent can make thousands of dollars each week off of multiple guest lists for multiple nightclubs, which ends up becoming effortless after a solid client database has been built up over time.

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