10 Reasons To Not Be Excited For EDC Las Vegas

The closer we get to the return of the annual Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, the more people come into town and spew all over social media how excited they are. The festival is awesome, yeah, but hardly anyone talks about the drawbacks of the three-day celebration. This list is a compilation of ten reasons to NOT be so stoked on EDC Las Vegas.


1. Traffic


In addition to the mass amounts of traffic coming in full of road tripping ravers for the unofficial holiday, expect to sit in slow-moving gridlocks for the entire weekend. Traffic is substantially worse on and near the Las Vegas Strip this time of year, and around 6PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the show-goers will all be on the roads to the event grounds. A trip that usually takes about 20 minutes from the strip to the speedway will take closer to an hour in the insane mess of cars.


2. Crowds


Lines are longer, nightclub guest lists are closed and public areas become generally more difficult to navigate. The extra 300,000 people in town make it a little difficult for anything to move quickly or efficiently. Service will be slower or delayed with increased occupancy and demand in the casinos, restaurants and other tourist-centered venues.


3. Stupid People


Last year, I personally witnessed a kid bragging about all of the illicit drugs he and his girlfriend had consumed over the weekend directly before said girlfriend began violently seizing in public. Many people can be generally very stupid, especially when exhausted, overheated, and inebriated. These people will be operating vehicles and interacting with the general public, which is a terrifying idea. The more people that come into town, the more chance there is that you might come into contact with a very stupid person.


4. Ugly People


One of the rules of the Dada does instruct to arrive beautiful and leave ugly. Some people missed the memo and chose to be ugly the entire time. You will undoubtedly spot the girl who should be wearing much more than the fishnets, bikini top, and G-string she is sporting out on the strip. The man with the hair that hasn’t been washed in about 3 decades will also be out and about, so try to avoid running into him at all costs.


5. Stupid Ugly People


You might encounter stupid people and you might encounter ugly people. The worst is when you run into stupid ugly people. Not only is the stupid ugly person annoying and ill-prepared for the weekend, but he or she is also haggard and embarrassingly dressed while acting like an asshole in public.


6. Shitty Cell Service


The cell towers in the areas can’t provide enough coverage for everyone at the same place at the same time. Text messages get backed up, phone calls are dropped, and data goes at an irritatingly slow rate. Don’t expect to be able to call and find your friends at EDC if you are supposed to meet up or you get lost. Some cell carriers will bring in extra mini-cell towers to repurpose frequencies just for the occasion, but coverage will still be slowed to virtually nonexistent even with the extra help.


7. High Temperatures


Las Vegas in June is extremely hot, usually reaching temperatures of 100+ degrees. This EDC weekend, fortunately, is predicted to be cooler than usual, but “cooler than usual” in the Mojave is still between 90 and 100 degrees. Even after the sun goes down, the high desert will retain heat, and the body heat from the packed venue will maintain the warmth on the grounds overnight. What’s even worse is that everyone will be extra disgusting and sweaty from hopping around to their favorite songs all night.


8. Lack of Personal Space


Ravers love to get together in crowds to party, and the intensely packed main stages get show-goers very acquainted—real fast. There is no doubt that you will accidentally bump and grind with a sweaty stranger at least once or twice each night. Dirty, scantily clad kids all running into each other in what seems like a confined space in front of each stage sounds absolutely uncomfortable.


9. Port-o-Potties


The lines will be long and the receptacles will be damn near unbearable. I know people who refuse to consume liquids during their time at the festival to avoid having to use the public restrooms at all. These port-o-potties will be dirty and disgusting, especially by the third day. Not an exciting reality at all.


10. Necessary Recovery Time


What might take longer than the meticulous planning that goes into an EDC patron’s weekend is the recovery time that is needed afterward. A sore body from three days of dancing and an exhausted mindset are maybe the mildest of the harsh realities to deal with post-EDC. Recovery from the flipped sleeping schedule and financial commitments from the weekend also might take a while to get over.

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