How To Deal With That Terrible Hangover

When dealing with a hangover, you should keep in mind that not all traditional hangover remedies are effective and some are downright stupid. Some people believe that having a quick drink early the next morning will make it easier to deal with a hangover, but this is simply not true. A bloody Mary is a much better option. The best that an early morning drink will do is to provide temporary relief, but the only certain way is to get the alcohol out of your system.

There is only one way to avoid the effects of a hangover and that is not to drink too much. We all know this, but we continue to bump our heads again and again. Think about it, does every beverage you drink have to be alcoholic? What about mixing up that alcoholic drink with a soft drink or flavored spring water. This will allow your body a chance to recuperate. However, throughout the ages, people have come up with ingenious ways to reduce the effects of a hangover.


Because hangovers are such a very old problem, thousands of opinions have been formed about this issue and there are some that believe that heavy drinking causes dehydration which is causing the ill effects the next day. The truth is that, even in this advanced age in which we live, science knows very little about what causes hangovers. Some culprits which are suspected of alcohol withdrawal and even a disrupted biological rhythm and it is suspected that toxic substances in alcohol may be the culprits. One sure cure is to take in adequate amounts of liquids to replace those that were neutralized by alcohol abuse, this always seems to help.

For some people, a gentle workout may help with that hangover. It seems what most people need after a night of heavy drinking is adequate rest in order to allow their bodies to recuperate. Proper exercise requires hydration and an optimized diet and therefore your body might simply not be ready.

The more sleep you are able to get the quicker those hangover symptoms will abate and the sooner you will feel normal. The undisputed reality is that the only true cure for a hangover is time. It might be helpful to undergo some detox treatments from time to time to cleanse your body from the effects of heavy drinking.

Many weird and potentially harmful remedies have been devised over the years and one of them is the belief that you can sweat out excess alcohol with something like a sauna. The truth is, a sauna can be potentially dangerous and could affect blood vessels and blood flow. After alcohol abuse, you are already dehydrated and excessively sweating and it could be lethally dangerous. Using a sauna as hangover remedy could cause a drop in blood pressure and even worse it could upset the normal rhythm of your heart.


The well-known hangover remedy Alka-Seltzer has been in use for over 80 years and many hangovers have been treated with this fizzy medicine and the sodium bicarbonate in this medicine may neutralize stomach acids, but some of the other ingredients like citric acid are more likely to irritate your stomach after a wild party with your friends and too much alcohol.
Some people try to avoid caffeine on the morning of a hangover which maybe a good idea if you are a moderate consumer of coffee and abstaining will ensure that your blood vessels will remain open allowing for maximum blood flow but if you are a heavy coffee drinker abstaining may make you feel even worse and therefore you will have to determine for yourself which course of action is the best.

There are many people who are under the false impression that a high protein diet like lots of bacon and eggs are a remedy for hangover, but there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up this claim. In most cases the only thing you will gain from such a breakfast is heartburn. There is only one way to deal with that hangover when it comes to food and that is to eat lightly and ensure that you stay hydrated as much as possible.

People have been trying to deal with the debilitating effect of hangovers for thousands of years and pharmaceutical companies have themselves produced a few cures such as Pre Toxx, RU21 and Chaser, but unfortunately the effectiveness of these products are difficult to substantiate. Some of these pills may be able to deal with one or more of the side effects of hangovers, but not with the whole issue. The truth is that none of these so called hangover remedies are backed up by irrevocable scientific evidence.


There are various other issues that may apply to women with hangovers like PMS pains which may include headaches, cramps, backaches and a tenderness of the breasts and for these people some pain relievers could bring relief like Ibuprofen and Naproxen and any inflammatory type of pain relievers should rather be avoided. Other product which could be tried is Midol and Pamprin which may relieve hangover symptoms.

Believe it or not, IV’s have become a thing in the party scene in Las Vegas. Yes, an IV. Licensed nurses will come to you and pump a bag of saline into your veins which will naturally hydrate you and relieve the hangover. This has been the most effective we have learned, but also the most expensive.

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