Five People You Want To Know In The Nightclub

Whether you’re just out for a night on the town or you make your living in the nightlife industry, there are certain venue employees that are especially good to know. Below is the list of five nightclub figureheads you want to know to make your trip to the nightclub a pleasurable one.


1. The Protection


The security guards at any venue are (usually) silent, but necessary additions to the atmosphere. The underappreciated muscle standing quietly in the dark corners of the club will keep you safe from wild drunkards and other out of control inebriated individuals. Certain bouncers will get to know the usual clientele in the nightclubs and will make sure to keep an extra eye out for the few patrons that have befriended them. Make sure to give him a tip. He’s there to protect you.


2. The Gatekeepers


The VIP hosts and door hosts are good to know because they control the flow of traffic into the venues and where you will be seated inside the nightclub. Stay on the good side of these individuals, and you won’t have to wait for hours outside of busy nightclubs or sit at crappy tables. A lot of VIP hosts are polite, customer service driven and accommodating unless given a reason not to be. Make sure to tip you host.


3. The Publicity


Promoters are great to know because they know a lot of people, and they know who to go to when you want to get in to any nightclub. The promoters go out to talk to people for a living and will usually befriend a large number of both locals and frequent visitors. While is it always a good idea to be nice to everyone and never burn bridges, befriending and supporting the promoters is an especially good idea for both a social and career-oriented standpoint because of the connections that these individuals may possess. Regardless of what city you’re in as promoters hold different ranks in the industry, always be courteous.


4. The Fun Enforcers


While their job descriptions state that they need to be courteous to guests at all times, the bottle servers (cocktail waitresses) and server assistants (porters) can easily make or break your nightclub experience. Servers will pick up on the recurring clients who don’t tip properly, and word will travel fast around town if you’re a stiff. The better you treat your wait staff on a regular basis, the better they will treat you. Remember, ALWAYS tip your waitress when visiting a club.


5. The Shot Callers

Angry businessman yelling into a cellphone.  Isolated on white.

Corporate and management staff is always good to know in case you have special requests or need to know privileged information. If you are a host, the higher-ups are good to be in with because they can make your job much easier. Proving yourself from a character and business standpoint to the superiors in a nightclub will lead to better perks and promotions. People in these positions have a lot of stress on their shoulders so they may not seem always the friendliest, but they possess a lot of responsibility and it’s not easy to fill their shoes.

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