Dan Bilzerian, Instagram King Banned From Miami Nightclub For Allegedly Kicking Woman In Her Face

Dan Bilzerian is a middle-aged, trust fund playboy that has managed to market himself on a platform larger than most bare-breasted hot women on the internet. Some would argue that it’s only because he inherited his father’s embezzled money (allegedly) from the stock market. Dan documents his life which led him to become the “Instagram King.” His following on IG has reached 5.6 million followers. He’s become more popular than some people with real talent like a singer, actor or a real celebrity. In no way can I hate on the guy as what he has done to brand himself has been impressive. There are many people with money who try and market themselves and accomplishes only half of what he has done on the internet. I’m in no way supporting his negative actions towards women, but simply giving credit where it’s due as someone that relates to being a personal brand and understands marketing.

Besides meeting him briefly in person, I’ve spoken to him for a good 15 minutes on a 3-way call and he’s very well spoken and sounded intelligent. Something many of his haters probably wouldn’t think considering many that follow him label him as a misogynist with no substance.


According to TMZ, Dan was at LIV nightclub in Miami during Art Basel this past weekend and was trying to bring a girl on stage with him. Allegedly, there was a big crowd of people trying to bombard the stage and he kicked another woman in the face to clear her out of the way (see video below). The Daily Mail says the woman was left with a swollen and bloody eye but didn’t choose to press charges. However, she may take civil action and file a lawsuit.

Dan Bilzerian left the club before the police arrived. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this. Last time he got in trouble on video, he threw a porn star off the roof-top and she landed halfway in the pool and halfway on the side hitting the cement. A settlement was made outside of court.

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