7 Types of Ratchet Girls You Will Find In The Nightclub

In a loud, dark environment like the nightclubs, where you might be inebriated, or your senses might not be as keen as usual, it might be hard to identify the ratchets. The ratchet female, in one of her favorite atmospheres, is sometimes an elusive creature to the untrained eye. This guide will help you spot the ratchets in the nightlife scene.


1. Mating Call


Often heard shouting “YOLO” in response to any rational voiced concerns, the ratchet mating calls signal the men in the nightclubs that “she a freak doe.” This woman is exceptionally loud and her calls will not be missed by anyone surrounding her.


2. Ritualistic Dance


Twerking is a polished skill for the ratchet women, and they will show off their expertise to an audience—whether the audience is willing or not. Twerking upside-down, right-side-up, and in conspicuous areas are common for these women.


3. War Paint


Bright colored eye shadows, vibrant blushes, and loud lipsticks all worn in combination with each other are a major tell-tale sign of the ratchet. Neon green and blue eye shadow with purple hued cheeks and bright pink lips show peers that the ratchet woman is ready to get her night started.


4. Claws


Pointed, bedazzled claws are an identifying factor of the nightclub ratchets. Usually kept-up weekly at the discount nail center of her choice, the ratchet makes sure to have her claws sharpened as a safety precaution, in case of attack.


5. Cultural Decoration


Ratchets often sport weaves that may be ripped out by other ratchets upon their frequent altercations. The ratchets can also be identified wearing over-sized clear heels, skin-tight mesh dresses with cut-outs, and unnaturally colored clip-in hair extensions.


6. Written Code


Alternating capitalization, code words, and visual embellishment on texts and social media updates are a sure sign of the ratchet. ~*ShE tYp3 LyKe DiiS ?!? 0H Sh3 r4TcHeT*~


7. Societal Norms


Ratchet girls may also be a part of the ever-present Blackfoot Tribe who can be seen walking shoe-less in the nightclubs. Other common behaviors may include offering unidentified narcotics to men and rapping 32 bars flawlessly when 2 Chainz songs play at the clubs.

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