15 Signs You’re Addicted To Partying

There comes a time in life where you must face reality and just accept the truth. It is what it is. With that being said, here are 15 signs you’re addicted to partying.

1.You wanted to stay home, but you just found out your friends have a comp bottle at the club so you end up going out and partying.


2. You work at 8am the next day, but your friends find a way to “convince you” why it’s a great idea to go out to the club and party till 5am. You keep telling yourself you only need a couple hours of sleep and you’re good. This was a good idea until you woke up after 2 hours of sleep still drunk to get ready for work.


3. You use the excuse every day of the week that your favorite dj is spinning or there’s a themed party your “friends” are throwing. You HAVE to go otherwise you feel bad saying no.


4. You don’t have a job, but you manage to find yourself in the club bouncing around from table to table to say hi to your “friends.” You wake up the next day hungover and realize your cell phone is shut off because you didn’t pay your bill. But hey, you had a good time the night before. That’s all that matters. (Priorities)


5. The only time you see your “friends” is when you go to the club.


6. You refer to yourself as a social drinker when you go out at least 5-6 nights a week and drink. You think having a drink and yelling a conversation in each other’s ear in the club with your friends is being social and totally normal.


7. You find yourself doing a line of cocaine in the bathroom stall every 30 minutes and passing the baggy at your VIP table in the club for your friends to get a “bump” also. Sharing is caring.


8. When you go out, you make it a point to take a picture with every single person you think you know and actually likes you. Then you post to social media so you can give the perception you’re cool and have a lot of friends.


9. You think knowing the door guy at a club or a VIP host makes you superior. Since you always go to their club, you think they are your friends so you feel some sense of self entitlement of never having to wait in line or pay a cover. This is your “family.”


10. You won’t go to the club unless you have a VIP table. The thought of standing around at the bar or being caught on the dance floor having a good time disgusts you. You’re either in the VIP standing on top of the couch or you stay home because anything less, you feel like the entire night was a bust.


11. You have children at home, but you go to the club anyway. You feel as long as you get home before they wake up to cook them breakfast and send them off to school, you’re a good parent.


12. You think running around the club taking pictures with bottles of alcohol in your hand (that’s not yours) and posting to social media is cool.


13. It’s the weekday and you have 6 ladies with you and the club is giving you a comp bottle of Skyy vodka and your own VIP table. In your head, you feel like you’re the man and you “run this city!”


14. You party just about every day of the week, but because you do charity work, go hiking with your friends or do anything remotely normal (outside from partying) and post to social media you think you are a great citizen.


15. You always get buzzed or drunk when you go out and refuse to accept you’re an alcoholic, but because you’re able to make it to the nightclub you work at 3-4 days a week (where you get drunk as well), you think you have your shit together and are a “hustler.”

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