11 Signs She’s A Red Flag In The Club

The reality of the club life can be harsh and that beautiful and fun girl you met may be trouble. If she’s on this list, RED FLAG!

1. She knows everyone in the club

You meet this beautiful girl, you two are having drinks and every single club manager or VIP host that walks by is saying hi to her. She’s not a celebrity and she obviously doesn’t work there. She’s a frequent visitor of the club and that in itself is a huge red flag.


2. She says she “Only drinks champagne”

Fellas, if she only drinks champagne, this is a red flag. We all know champagne isn’t the only drink of choice for anyone. While you’re in the club, keep an eye on this as she is making you spend money and has some type of motive for doing so.


3. She’ll do a line of cocaine with you

Here’s the fun girl. She’s at your VIP table and she asks you if you have any cocaine. You think she might take it to the bathroom and snort a line to be cautious, but she goes balls out and sprinkles some on her hand and snorts it with no shame at your table. 2 things here: This isn’t her first rodeo and this is the girl you don’t want to take home to your parents, but taking her home and doing a line off her ass (Wolf Of Wall Street style) may be of choice if you’re into that sort of thing.


4. She takes her shoes off in the club

This girl has no shame. Think about it. The world knows how disgusting and unsanitary this is. Everyone makes fun of these type of girls and I’m sure she sees that too, but she doesn’t care. Her feet hurt and she stands proud with her shoes off walking around with her shoes in hand or dancing her little heart out. I’m going to take an educated guess here and say she doesn’t plan on washing her feet before she climbs into her bed when the night is over and that in itself makes her a red flag. No girl with dignity would do such a thing.


5. She makes out with you in the club and you just met each other

Regardless if she’s drinking or not, she doesn’t mind kissing you at your table or in the club and you two just met. There’s nothing romantic about this and chances are that if she’s kissing you in the club and you just met, she’s used to it and you’re not the first. Have fun with this girl, but don’t plan on a committed relationship as she is not to be taken serious.


6. She’s alone and has no problem hanging out with you and all your guy friends

You stopped by the bar, walked around the club or at your table and you see a pretty girl. You stop her and ask her to hang out and you proceed to give her a drink. All is good and you two are having fun. A few questions you should be asking yourself; Where did she come from? Who is she with? Do her friends care where she is? Why is she so trusting in a stranger? If you’re asking yourself these questions (you should be), she is a red flag and you might even have an escort on your hands. Girls don’t wander or hang out with themselves in the club unless they are “working.”


7. She hangs out with a well-known VIP or high roller

Although there a few women that do hang out with this guy because they are truly his friend and that’s it, what a lot of people don’t know is, most women are automatically red flagged by the public when spotted with this party monster. Proceed with caution at table #67 at Light nightclub, table #14 at Hakkasan, table #41 at Hyde, and table #255 at Drais because if she’s seen out at any of these tables with him, chances are high that she has been rotated by him and his friends.


8. She doesn’t have any real reason as to why she’s there

Any girl that attends a nightclub for no reason and to not have a good time is questionable. Why is she there? To people watch? Of all places in the city, she had nowhere else to go besides to a club? Red flag.


9. She leaves when your alcohol at your VIP table is gone

It’s a party! You just had the time of your life with this girl for the past 2 hours and things couldn’t be more perfect. You get her number and think you want to stay in touch with this girl and maybe take her out to dinner, but you notice she has to leave coincidently when your bottles are empty. Buddy, she’s a bottle rat. Red flag.


10. She follows the sparklers and presentation

When particular bottles of champagne or high amount of alcohol is purchased in the club for 1 specific VIP table, the cocktail waitresses parade out with sparklers and provide a pretty cool presentation to the purchaser. The process is so flashy, the entire club can usually see it. Well, so does that one girl chasing money. This hot girl is brought to your table by an employee without you asking or she just introduces herself to you right after this presentation is complete. She’s there for money in your pocket or to drink all your alcohol so you have to buy more. Huge red flag.


11. She’s willing to go home with you the first night you meet her at the club

As pretty cool as she was, any girl to go home with you after meeting the first night in the club is not to be taken serious. Go have your fun, fuck like there’s no tomorrow and send her ass home. This is all she is good for. You’re just another dick to her bro, sorry not sorry.

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