Dave Oancea, The Nightlife Bottle King Hits Another BIG Ticket In Sports

Right when you think cashing in a $200k dollar ticket for Super Bowl 2013 was just luck, Dave does it again, but even bigger this time. I’ve had the pleasure in being good friends with this character “Vegas Dave” for a couple years now. You see him just about every day buying bottles in the club, partying with the most beautiful cocktail waitresses Las Vegas has to offer and driving away at the end of the night in his luxury sports cars (with one of them in it), all while boasting about it social media.

One would think to themselves, who the f*ck is this guy and where does he get all this money to party all the time? Well, Dave has mastered the art of sports betting. Yes, sports betting. Legitimate money being won every week through the year betting on sports. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not.

In due time, I have also come to learn that Dave has a big heart, but this story isn’t about that. It’s about this badass making the sport of betting look easy and his accomplishments in doing so. I have interviewed Dave before and we discussed his partying and girls, but this time, Dave chose the Boston Red Sox to win the world series and guess what? They won and so did Dave. A whopping $340k dollars. Biggest win of his career.


How long have you been partying and sports betting?
Dave: 15 years. I didn’t get really good until the past 5 years.


Why did you choose sports betting as a career?

Dave: Where else can you make $50k a day in 3 hours of work. I don’t believe in working a 9-5 job. I believe the working man is a sucker. I don’t believe what they teach kids in school is a good life lesson. Go to school for 16 years, get into school loan debt, work 40 hours a week, for 40 years of your life, then lose 40% for your 401k and then try to enjoy your retirement for 10-15 years. I’m semi-retired now at 36 years of age. I refuse to work for someone else and make them rich. Wealth is measured in time, not money. It doesn’t matter how much money you make. The question is, do you have the time to do what you want when you want? I haven’t used an alarm clock in years and I have the time & freedom to do what I want or go anywhere I want. I have a life by design, it’s not designed for me. Sports betting was my way out of the rat race. I found something I was good at and went all in. I have always been a risk taker and a gambler. You don’t become rich by playing life to lose, you must play it to win.


How do you come up with your winners? You have picked winners in football this year for your players (clients) on every ticket but 2 and you were 43-2 on baseball. How?

Dave: A lot of research, studying, and stats. People only see my social media side of me partying, but what they don’t know is, I’m up at 7am 4-5 days a week grinding out my sports. I just have a gift, I can walk up to the sports book and look at the spreads. Where most peeps think its foreign, I can tell which games are winners or which lines are off. Hard to explain in detail.


You recently were on the news for picking the Baltimore Ravens to win the Superbowl 2013 at 25-1 odds when no one gave them a chance. You bet $8k to win $200k. Now last week you collected another big payout of over $340k on the Boston Red Sox as you predicted them to win it all earlier in the season. How did you do that?

Dave: I can’t give out my secrets, but I have been historically good at picking the champions halfway thru the season. By then, I have watched enough sports to make educated picks.


There has been many interviews with you about your lifestyle and how you are the biggest local spender in the Vegas nightlife. Elaborate on this.

Dave: Man, I have been popping bottles for 15 years in Vegas when there was no such thing as a minimum spend, but a bottle minimum. Some of the managers at the bigger venues today were my bussers and VIP hosts. I know there hasn’t been anyone to do what I have done in this industry. Most peeps run out of money, get married, or find other hobbies. I for some reason still choose to go out.


How much do you spend in a week in the club?

Dave: I try to only go out 2-3 times a week and if I can spend less than $5k a night, that’s a good night for me. So I’m averaging $40-$60k a month in the club.


Does partying every other day & spending all your hard earned money in the club ever get old?

Dave: Yes, it seems like a good idea at the time, but in the morning I always say I’m never going out again. Well, you know how that story goes.


I have been with you at your tables partying many times and I see the girls and know a lot of them, but everyone that doesn’t know you sees you with the hottest girls and the best tables. How do you get away with it?

Dave: Yes, I always have the same table at each club reserved for me. I pick my own security and my own waitress as well. I pretty much get away with murder at my tables. I always have the best tables with the hottest chicks and everyone knows that. My tables are always fun and everyone has a good time. There are so many bottle rats especially the guys. People get mad at me or girls call me an asshole because I kick them out of my tables. Makes no sense. I won’t let you drink my bottle of champagne so I’m the asshole? Peeps think I owe them something. I don’t get it. Half these peeps I don’t even really know. They just follow me on social media and when I tell them they can’t be at my table, I’m the dick. The worst is when guys come and say “I’m not drinking.” Well guess what dick? It’s about the real estate. That area that you are standing on cost $5k. I think peeps should go out spend $10k one night and see how difficult and frustrating it is to deal with the industry peeps that pretend to be your friend. So many posers out there taking pics of themselves with 3 liters and 6 liters of champagne. They shouldn’t post it unless they pop it. There’s a lot of fakes and pretenders out there and especially haters. Vegas has tons of them, but I’m used to it.


I hear you’re going to be on The Millionaire Matchmaker. That’s going to be funny.

Dave: Yea, I was chosen to be Vegas’ only episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker. Maybe I will find the one. My date is Nov 15th and will air in 3 moths. They think it’s going to have the highest ratings ever. They couldn’t believe that I’m taking my date to the club. It should be a funny episode. I’ll make sure it’s funny. I also start filming for the Vegas Dave reality show. 51 minds production out of LA just signed me. They are ready to show the world my life. So in reality it will be hard to settle down now, but who knows.


What is it with you and blasting these hot cocktail waitresses on social media after you have sex with them?

Dave: Some girls don’t like that I blast them on social media after rotating them. Hey, I only blast the ones that deserve it. I have hooked up with many girls and they haven’t been blasted because they are cool about it and keep their mouth shut. I try to stay private about who I sleep with. The ones that like to talk shit and slander my name of course I blast them. Shit, Facebook says “whats on your mind?” So I let the public know what’s on my mind. Lately, I haven’t done that because the girls have woke up and don’t want to be humiliated. It’s so funny that a lot of girls leave my place in the morning saying “Please don’t put this on Facebook Dave. We are still friends right?” OMG, it kills me every time lol. These girls can’t be surprised what’s going to happen to them. Shit, I walk into the club and there are rotate signs everywhere. It’s on the screen at Hakassan and Light nightclub, and they still go home with me. Oh well, I’m not complaining. I just don’t get it.


So what you’re saying is, you rotate every girl that we see you with?

Dave: Do I rotate every girl at the table? NO. I usually have rotated 3-5 of them at my table at any given night. It’s more comfortable this way. I have a lot of pretty friends who are strictly my friends. I treat these girls with respect and brotherly love. These girls know who they are. They are always taken care of and get to see the real Dave that no one sees.


Elaborate on that please.

Dave: Everyone sees my social media side of me. See, I’m a business man. I promote myself. I have shows coming out and have to keep a big following. I have peeps email me in the Midwest saying they live vicarious through me and telling me to rotate son! lol They see me rotating, popping bottles and just gambling. What they don’t know is that I’m a very hard worker, I work hard on my sports betting passion, I’m a very true and loyal friend if I love you. I eat dinner with my parents 3-4 times a week and extremely close to them. I pray 3 times a day to the lord and donate to charity often with no one ever knowing. What happens is that the girls see this side of me and have trouble explaining to their friends why they like me. Peeps say I have set the standard for partying in Vegas and no one has done what I have in the past 15 yrs. The world will see my life when my show comes out. What peeps do once or twice a year on vacation is what I do every week. You know that, your life is madness too Joe.


You recently traded in your Lamborghini to purchase a Ferrari with the Boston Red Sox money, right?

Dave: Yep. I upgraded my car and also bought another house in Orange County, California. I don’t only blow my money on bottles. I invest it too.

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