What 100 Las Vegas Locals Love & Hate About Tourists – Shocking Answers!

I asked 100 Vegas locals that I personally know what they loved and hated about the tourists that come into our city. Hate is a harsh word, but it coincides with the term “love & hate relationship.”

I made sure that the people who were asked to participate are from all walks of life and work many different types of jobs throughout the valley (Not just in a casino, nightclub and on the strip). Each person was promised their identity would remain anonymous and no one knew who the others were or what everyone else’s answers were going to be.

The answers below are quite shocking and entertaining. You are guaranteed a good laugh nonetheless. It’s very interesting to tap into the minds of 100 Vegas locals and hear how they really feel about tourists. It’s a love/hate relationship as it seems with lots of love and fairly common hate (dislike).

Disclaimer: This is a general consensus of what 100 locals think of tourists. This should not reflect the opinions of me or the other 2.8 million people that live in this fabulous city.


1. Love – How much money their willing to spend! I remember going to Vegas before I moved here and dropping thousands and thousands in a few days. Now I find it crazy since I live here.

Hate – When friends come into town I find it annoying that they don’t get I’m not on vacation. I can’t go out every night they’re here or when people say I couldn’t live in Vegas. That’s obnoxious.


2. Love – When they leave having the time of their life and can’t wait to return — Also the look on their face when they cruise the strip for the first time is priceless.

Hate – I don’t like when they drink in the pool.


3. Love – Their money….it keeps us going.

Hate – How cheesy most of them look walking around with those big plastic drinks and how they dress lol.


4. Love – Besides the money I guess at 26, I don’t get tired of countless beautiful women coming and going through the town where I lay my hat.

Hate – I can’t stand the jay walking on Las Vegas BLVD and it causes me to be a jerk and jay walk out of the lines in other cities I vacation in.


5. Love – Bring money to the economy!!

Hate – They want to fuck me as they are here for fun.


6. Love – Meeting so many nice whole from all over the world who remind you how lucky we are to live in a city that they have saved up for sometimes for years by how happy and excited they are. When they come back to see you again the next day, and when they ask for an email so they can keep in touch.

Hate – How they think every female working in the city, especially service industry is an object and that we are not real people who have real feelings. Also, when they ask me to be their Vegas girlfriend. Ummm ya…I’m desperate and want be your Vegas side chick. Lol


7. Love – I love when they know their boundaries and are respectful and actually come back 4 days in a row to tell me all their crazy Vegas stories.

Hate – They assume I want to hang out with them after work or that I can just leave right now to go hang out. I’m not a hooker. I’m a bartender.


8. Love – Getting to meet different people from around the world.
Hate – Not all of them understand our tipping procedures.


9. Love – They make me appreciate my town and the weather. They are here to have fun. So their energy is generally positive and full of wonder. I have a blast most nights with them. I really enjoy the drunk dummies who say and do the funniest things.

Hate – I don’t like that the majority of Canadians. They don’t tip. Haha


10. Love – When I was single I loved the fact of getting new girls in town every weekend and you never have to see them again if you don’t want to lol. Also, that they come here loving to party and want good times. Not talking about the Vegas regulars that come here for the scene and status. Tourists that come here not giving a shit about anything but having a good time and spending money is no big deal to them because it’s part of the experience.

Hate – I hate that tourist think that they can do what they want here. All of the sudden they have a couple of drinks in them and they think they own the place. All of the sudden they get the balls to hit on any girl. They think they should have the same privileges as us locals lol.


11. Love – Diversity and they spend money in our city.

Hate – That people don’t think we have real lives and jobs! They don’t respect what we do either.


12. Love – The cultural diversity and the economic support they bring from where they come from.

Hate – Inconsiderate Bad Attitudes. For example, coming to Vegas, making a mess and with a condescending attitude expect us to clean up everything after them…especially the ones who never tip.


13. Love – When they get so excited about bottle service and they appreciate the smallest thing as little as us pouring and re filling drinks.

Hate – That they think every waitress is a hooker and the girls come here go to a club and are disrespectful just because they got because they know someone.


14. Love – They’re always happy.

Hate – They’re rude and think everyone in Vegas should wait on them. Also, when they ask me what hotel I live in.


15. Love – They bring in business to this great city.

Hate – Hate that not enough people do their due diligence prior to arrival.


16. Love – Love that they come support our city and spend money. Some are really cool and chill.

Hate – Hate that some of them expect everything for free, being annoying drunk, loud, and some lose their class.


17. Love – Love that Vegas brings the world to me. I get to meet people from all over the world and hear what it’s like for them to live in other countries.

Hate – I hate that they always think they can “haggle” for everything they buy here. Vegas is NOT a swamp meet. Lol


18. Love – I love meeting new people, especially ones from other countries. I have a place to stay in Australia, London etc if i ever visit. Also, people send me gifts in the mail that I’ve met in the past. It’s just nice to meet other people from other cultures all the time and I don’t have to leave home.

Hate – I hate people who don’t tip and instead invite me out with them tempting me with free bottles at clubs. I’m like, “man I drink for free every day, I don’t want alcohol, I need money!” Also, I hate when girls take off their shoes at the club/public.


19. Love – That they’re nice.

Hate – They don’t know how to tip.


20. Love – I love the energy and enthusiasm tourist bring while enjoying their satay.

Hate – I dislike the assumption of getting things and services for free or comped when not available then they give you attitude.


21. Love – I love that they are willing to come here and spend their vacations in my city, thereby encouraging my city to grow.

Hate – I hate that they seem to be ambivalent and inconsiderate that not everyone is on vacation. It bothers me when I see tourists being rude to the people that are working.


22. Love – The more tourists we have the more money Vegas as a whole can make. Vegas is like the mother company and everyone works for her. When Vegas is doing good, everyone is doing good.

Hate – They think they have a ticket to do whatever they feel like legal and illegal. This is still America.


23. Love – I love that I always meet new people to network with and I enjoy being able to facilitate one of the best nights of their life.

Hate – I dislike them because they forget you live here and are always trying to drag you out to hang and are offended when you won’t just drop everything for them.


24. Love – I love that tourists seem to always be in a good mood. Vegas has great energy.

Hate – They seem to always blame someone that lives here when something goes wrong.


25. Love – I love how they make the city exactly what the city is, the entertainment capital of the world and bring money to our economy and all their personalities from around the world.

Hate – I hate that they come to our city and think they know everything as if they have lived here their whole lives.


26. Love – The constant flow of new faces and personalities.

Hate – The bad driving as they try to get the perfect picture out of their sunroof, which usually is of something they could have found on Google. Haha


27. Love – I love that I can meet people from all over the world in this small city.

Hate – I hate the tourists that come here and they want to pretend they are the cast of The Hangover. It’s really lame.


28. Love – Sloppy girls are easy. Hahaha

Hate – Just the overall sloppiness while drinking. Vegas is a marathon, not a sprint. Get your shit together.


29. Love – That they make Vegas because without them there would be no Vegas!

Hate – What I hate is they think anything goes. They have seen too many movies!


30. Love – I love how they are excited about meeting people and want to have a great time here.

Hate – I hate that sometimes they can’t handle their alcohol and get stupid.


31. Love – Love that the tourism is really what keeps our local economy going.

Hate – Hate that they come here and lose all inhibitions often times making this a not so desirable place to live. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” ughhhhh, if I hear that one more time!


32. Love – Love that they are the glue that keeps this city together by bringing their business.

Hate – Hate that things like barefoot chicks walking thru casinos, but mostly how they have a complex & demand everything be given to them for free (cover charges, drinks, hotels)… Oh and they expect us all to be some form of drug dealer…


33. Love – I love the ones that come here for business and tip well.

Hate – I hate the weekend warriors. They suck at tipping.


34. Love – I love watching them have a blast. As locals we can be club brats. We get accustom to having things handed to us. We get bratty when we are asked to pay. While these tourists pay the prices with a huge smile on their face like life is ending tomorrow. To see the “I give no fucks” at how much this is costing me is fun for me to watch lol

Hate – I mean, tourists are annoying and take up space, but they do bring in a lot of money for the clubs and the city as a whole. I suppose it’s fun watching how naive they can be. Also, it’s fun watching them have fun living our lives for a night. I HATE when the girls think it’s ok to walk bare foot after a long night because it is never ok! I’ve lived here my whole life and have been in the club scene for 10 years. I’ve never walked out of a club or in a casino without shoes. It’s just not ok or acceptable!! I can’t stress that enough, lol.


35. Love – Vegas tourists drive the Vegas economy, spend money, and are the reason we all have jobs. They also provide us with companionship, learning, experiences, a way to meet new people and make friends and or begin dating them or simply put: a sex buddy with no strings attached. Often times, people complain about tourists coming into town, getting completely wasted out of control, trashing hotel rooms, looking for drugs, strip clubs, and hookers, but how can we complain when that’s how some of us make our money and it keeps the Vegas economy stimulated and we advertise this? “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Hate – The downside can be people wanting last minute deals, hookups, freebies, and not willing to tip out based on their country some don’t tip, or some don’t feel the need to. Just because you are visiting please do not use and abuse us, and please pick up after yourself, we aren’t your mother. So that being said, thank you, please come again.


36. Love – LOVE the diversity of cultural backgrounds and learning about their life experiences, ethnicities & travels.

Hate – Hate that most typically presume that I’m you’re average “Vegas girl” just because I was born & raised here and the negative connotation that comes with it, as a female who just wants into their pocket or billfold, when I would much more prefer intriguing intelligent conversationalist over cash any day of the week.


37. Love – I love to meet different people from different walks of life, it’s interesting to hear some of the stories they bring with them.

Hate – What I can’t stand about tourists is majority of the ones I meet (working in the industry) feel it’s completely Ok to act like a complete asshole simply because it’s Vegas. Yes it’s the world’s playground but that doesn’t mean you lose your manners or respect. Oh and quite of few of them are sucky tippers, but that’s not new to anyone haha.


38. Love – I love how they r dressed to the T’s and come full of energy and ready to PARTY. I also love seeing NORMAL FOLK that aren’t all fucking stuck up thinking they are THE SHIT like most of the industry peeps out here.

Hate – I don’t like how they don’t obey the DON’T WALK indicators. That to me is the main reason for traffic on the strip.


39. Love – I love how fun tourists can be. They love being here.

Hate – I work in a hospital. I hate the attitude they sometimes give me when I am trying to make them feel better. Hey asshole, I’m not the one that got you drunk! I’m here to help you!


40. Love – I love having sex with tourists. I never have to see them again.

Hate – How some people, both male and female lack manners and etiquette or cross cultural skills.


41. Love – I love them cause the bring money to the city.

Hate – Nothing to hate about them.


42. Love – Love all the energy they bring to town on their 1st night here….downhill from there because they don’t know how to pace themselves.

Hate – Tourists bug me when they take their shoes off in the casino and walk barefoot on them disgusting floors…..eew


43. Love – They bring in an opportunity to drive us all revenue.

Hate – They don’t bring enough money lol


44. Love – Love how they help our economy in many ways.

Hate – Dislike that we depend on them so much. Catch 22! Lol


45. Love – I love seeing their reactions to experiencing Vegas for the first time. What might be old or “been there done that” for us, is an entirely new and life changing experience for them.

Hate – When they drive. “Move bitch get out the way!”


46. Love – I love how naïve tourists can be.
Hate – I hate when they think they can do better than what I’m quoting them because they can’t. I’m a VIP host at a nightclub.


47. Love – What I love about Vegas tourists is that they provide the business that keeps our jobs in the service industry and allows us to make the amazing money that we do! They are the reason Las Vegas is thriving!

Hate – What I hate about Vegas tourists is their lack of respect and manners. I know that most tourist come to Vegas to let loose and go crazy for whatever reason, but that doesn’t give them a reason to disrespect the locals and people working in the service industry!


48. Love – Love meeting new people and it always being a different experience.

Hate – They think our life is just a vacation and it’s actually our life and how we make money.


49. Love – I love tourists. Means more money for Vegas.

Hate – I hate the sloppy out of town drunks.


50. Love – Love that they come and spend money.

Hate – Hate that they think just because it’s Vegas that can act like an asshole and think anything goes.


51. Love – I love that I get laid so easy. There are so many girls looking to have a party!

Hate – That people don’t take us serious because we live in Vegas. Like it’s some other planet and we are aliens with no emotion.


52. Love – They bring a level of excitement to our town. Seeing those having fun makes my night seem all the more exciting.

Hate – (I worked in casinos for over 10 yrs, local and strip) the sense of entitlement and total disregard for servers. We aren’t slaves to boss around and take advantage of. Sometimes when people come to VEGAS they forget to bring their respect for others.


53. Love – I love to help guests with their needs. Make sure that all if their accommodations are set up and they have an awesome vacation. I love to hear their stories that they have been looking forward to this upcoming vacation for some time now. I love to hear the excitement in their voices and the thankful attitude.

Hate – What I don’t love is that they expect the “hook up” ie free stuff. They expect free rooms for family and friends who do not play nor will spend any $. When I explain that I can discount the second room then it becomes an issue. What free show tickets can you give me how much in free food and beverage credits will I have. I have to explain that a casino is a business and in order to give away free items there must be a return. Establish play 1st and then I can comp the bill at the end of the stay. Another pet peeve is when something so small of an issue with a guest and they blow up the issue. Ex: I had a 7 star guest leave the Caesars Palace Villa because in her main bathroom the blow dryer did not work. I offered to have engineering fix it or bring a new one to replace it. But this guest was too upset and demanded to move. It took so many employees front desk, bell men and security to assist this guest into a different villa because of a blow dryer. So silly.


54. Love – They pay our taxes.

Hate – Their expectations are hard to manage.


55. Love – I love that Vegas tourists are here for a purpose. Whether that’s to party, eat, relax, or gamble; they’re ready to have some fun!

Hate – What I do NOT like is tourists not being prepared. This is not 1989 anymore and things are not “free” even though you might think they are. Just like any other destination, you pay for the things you want. Hotels, booze, food and pussy…


56. Love – I love that tourists are just eager to give everything away for that “Vegas experience.”

Hate – When I have sex with a man, they don’t expect to pay me. Ummm…This isn’t the land of free pussy asshole.


57. Love – The money they throw around.

Hate – I hate when tourists take off their fucking shoes at the club. It’s disgusting.


58. Love – I can’t really say that I love and hate certain thing about Vegas tourist because it’s definitely a hit or miss with them. I have tourists that I have met while working in the serving and nightlife industry that are now great friends of mine. I will go visit them in their cities and they stay with me sometimes when they come back to Vegas. But there’s also others that I have met that I wish to never cross paths with again lol. I do however love the revenue that the tourists bring to Las Vegas. When people go on vacation they spend a lot more money, which makes it very easy to make money in this city that you couldn’t make elsewhere working the same jobs.

Hate – I think as a group, the thing I hate most about Vegas tourists is the mindset some of them have when they come to Vegas. I understand it’s the party Capitol of the world, but contrary to popular belief it is still our HOME. They come in with the mindset they can just fuck shit up and then fly back home to wherever they’re from and pretend like people don’t live here.


59. Love – I love the money they spend, because it keeps me employed.

Hate – I hate tourists who come here with any self of entitlement or arrogant attitudes. There’s nothing more obnoxious than a person who says “I run Las Vegas.”


60. I love that they contribute to our local economy.

Hate – Can’t really think of anything I hate about them in general.


61. Love – Meeting different people from around the world.

Hate – That tourists take that saying “what happens in vegas stays in vegas” too literal. It’s like a free pass for them to act like douchebags and douchettes.


62. Love – I love that they keep the economy booming.

Hate – I hate the way the drive and act like they know Vegas.


63. Love – I love when tourists over-tip me at the club when I provide great service.

Hate – They think because I’m dressed skimpy in a cocktail waitress outfit, they can disrespect me. Babes, I’m doing my job and it’s a costume. Have some manners.


64. Love – I LOVE tourists. Their energy is amazing.

Hate – A lot of tourists are cheap. Always looking to haggle a deal.


65. Love – I love the excitement tourist have when they first come on their “Trip to Vegas” by the end the excitement turns into exhaustion and its pretty entertaining to watch Vegas beat them up.

Hate – I hate that just because you’re in Vegas tourists think they can do whatever they want like all manners went out the window. If I go to Portland, Oregon you think I’m just gonna piss on your patio bar? True story! Tourist lose a lil bit of class just because they think they can get away with it. Truth is us locals just love to watch and laugh.


66. Love – Love…the tourist expressions and wonderment of everything in Vegas. Their excitement for the nightlife…willing to wait in club lines 3-4 hours. Willing to stand in any line for hours.

Hate – They think every girl who lives in Vegas is a stripper. Main reason behind my regretful one night stands. Also, they need to be banned from driving on the strip.


67. Love – Love meeting new people from all over the world.

Hate – Hate how drunk and inconsiderate some can be.


68. Love – I love tourist positive party attitude and the fact if it wasn’t for them Vegas wouldn’t exist and what I don’t like is there view on Vegas especially strippers.

Hate – I don’t like tourist from Europe. They don’t tip and you have to tell them to.


69. Love – I love how good they fuck me. They’re so excited and fuck like wild animals.

Hate – How they get attached. You fucked me, cool. Doesn’t mean I want to get married now. Go home.


70. Love – I love the money they spend here.

Hate – I hate when people say “how do you live here”. I’m Sorry I don’t wake up in a hotel room and start drinking at 11am because I live here.


71. Love – Love the fact that they invigorate our town and our economy, but you also get to meet people from different walks of life.

Hate – Hate how they make traffic so bad!!!


72. Love – I love Vegas tourists because they bring money into our city and support people in the nightlife as well as other industries!

Hate – One reason they get under my skin is the way they seem to act like animals escaping from a zoo when arriving here.


73. Love – I love how they spend their money here to keep our city alive. Vegas wouldn’t survive without tourist.

Hate – I really don’t hate tourist. Only the ones those are disrespectful and too drunk to be out in public making a fool out of themselves.


74. Love – I love how they remind me from time to time, how cool of a city we live in, and they save their hard earned dollars to come here and spend it.

Hate – I hate how they think they can say and do whatever they want because it’s “VEGAS” or “SIN CITY” and all we do is party or gamble.


75. Love – What I love about tourists is they bring new energy into the city. What I mean by this is that it is very easy to take what we have here in Las Vegas for granted, but when you talk to a tourist, it reminds you of what is so special about Las Vegas.

Hate – What I hate about tourists. They often do not show our city, or people, the respect it deserves. This can be as simple as dressing appropriately for what they are doing (going to a fancy restaurant and dressing in shorts, t-shirt and a fanny pack) to driving like lunatics and nearly hitting other cars when leaving the rental car station at the airport (which I drive by every day).


76. Love – They bring money, they bring life and they bring adventure to Las Vegas. They make us the party destination nation.

Hate – Hate about Terrorists (Tourists) They inability to navigate, their poor driving habits and their drunken driving. They don’t understand that this is actually a community and people do have lives here off the strip. Overall, I really don’t hate them.


77. Love – The eye candy that comes into this town.

Hate – Their expectations. Comments. Manners.


78. Love – Love how they love to just have fun! No bottle needed.

Hate – I hate how they tip.


79. Love – First off it depends on the type of tourist. So let’s just say the ones that come to the club since I have to deal with them the most. I love Tourists because they’re so easy to please. Everything you and I take for granted, they are mind blown about. It’s easy to entertain a tourist and most times it’s been their first time to a particular club.

Hate – The thing I can’t stand about tourists is that they tend to not understand why things cost so much and how our service works. And no I’m not going to split a tab on 5 different cards. Lol


80. Love – I love the money they bring to the city. They fund the beauty and attractions that I love about Las Vegas.

Hate – I hate the arrogance and ignorance of many tourists who take in the nightlife. They talk and act as if they own the town or understand and have certain Vegas advantages because they’ve been here 1 or 2 times when in reality, they’re whores getting used by the true local night keepers of Vegas nightlife.


81. Love – They make me money.

Hate – How anything, no matter how morally wrong it is, is acceptable because ‘it’s Vegas’!


82. Love – Love the money and attention they bring us.

Hate – Hate it when they bring drugs here and hate the way some tourist disrespect our home.


83. Love – I love how excited tourists are to come to Vegas and see all the town has to offer from the shopping to the pretty buildings and fancy decor.

Hate – I hate tourists who get obnoxiously crazy drunk at 2PM! They are the reason why Vegas has a bad name.


84. Love – The hot women that come here and don’t have any worries at all. They leave all morals at home.

Hate – Girls that take their shoes off in public and especially at the club. Wtf is wrong with you?!


85. Love – I love hearing the stories about what brought them here in the first place.

Hate – I hate driving around the strip trying to get around all the tourists.


86. Love – How they get blackout drunk everyday while on vacation and ask us locals “how do you live here? I would die if I tried to live here!”

Hate – They think that are invincible to the law.


87. Love – They party hard.

Hate – They think they can do anything they want & have no repercussions to their decisions.


88. Love – I love making MONEY from tourist.

Hate – I hate the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” attitude from tourist!


89. Love – What i Love about them they get wasted Way to early during the day so by the time us locals are ready to party they are back in their hotel rooms passed out before the real after party’s even begin.

Hate – Tourists can be very filthy especially the ladies taking your heels off are the most disgusting/ratchet thing to do.


90. Love – Love their enthusiasm (most of the time)… The energy and anxiousness to get to the Strip and explore drives the city and usually makes my job easier.

Hate – Besides California license plates, Asians, and old people tourists that drive like shit… Combined with those trying to duplicate “The Hangover” movies and those that don’t know a lick of English… Hate dealing with the ones that come knowing very well they’re going to blow their money and get obliterated drunk and still do it. Those that come after divorces and breakups are the worst. Tourists expect to tell you their whole life story to every stranger. You give a second to provide you entertainment, and I will, but that doesn’t mean I want to be your therapist.


91. Love – Love the business they bring.

Hate – Nothing.


92. Love – I LOVE the enthusiasm and the happiness of them experiencing my city.

Hate – I HATE the theory of locals, from their perspective, that were living in a casino though! We have suburbs! Shit! haahhaa.


93. Love – 1. Always something to do & everywhere is almost always open….whatever you want is at your fingertips 24/7. 2. If you get past the people going to the clubs, there are some amazing people here w/ huge hearts…some were born & raised here, others moved here only a decade or a mere few years ago…some are single , others have families & working normal jobs or working on the strip….but they’re mostly normal & living a fairly normal life…well as normal as you can be here I’ve met friends that are friends for life here & am proud to live here.

Hate – 1. The pedestrians that walk on a “don’t walk” sign…it says don’t walk for a reason! I’ve been sitting patiently waiting my turn at the red light waiting my turn…Grrr…my bf hates that I’ll inch my way forward to go thru the walkers…I don’t hit them, I just gently block their way from walking anymore & make them wait their turn…they don’t even try to hurry thru…just lazily take their time strolling…ugh…huge pet peeve! 2. That people assume that I must be a slut/stripper/hooker/gold digger because I’m from Vegas. I can count the # of men I’ve slept w/ on my fingers & still have fingers left, thank you very much & I passed up several rich guys/easy life because I wasn’t in love w/ them…just because I worked in the Vegas industry for a bit doesn’t mean I slept w/ every promoter or rich guy there…I earned my paychecks w/I having to sleep w/ anyone & being faithful to the guy I was with. Not saying there aren’t those who do/are that but certainly not all but there are bad seeds everywhere but not all Vegas girls are like that. People asking disgustedly how I can live here w/ my kids. I’m proud to call Vegas my home & raise my family here.


94. Love – The eagerness to see and experience everything.

Hate – How they do not research and are very ignorant to the “Vegas” was aka do’s, don’ts and how everything in Vegas drastically varies from their home.


95. Love – I love that they pump money into the local economy and help to pay my bills.

Hate – I hate that they think everything goes here. Have fun. Get drunk. But have some respect for the fact that not everyone wants to behave like as much of an idiot as you. (I’m jaded today. Just dealt with an especially annoying one.)


96. Love – I love how they’re all here to party and turn down for what.

Hate – I hate how most of them just get super trashed and end up doing the stupidest shit. And if they expect whatever friend they might have that lives in Vegas to be their hook up for whatever they want. I have a buddy I haven’t seen in 6 years and he’s asking me to find him drugs for his weekend romp in Vegas. He knows I never even did drugs back then.


97. Love – I love that they bring money to the city.

Hate – I hate that they assume when a guy is wearing a long sleeve shirt/vest that the guy works in the casino.


98. Love – The business they bring to Vegas.

Hate – I hate the fact that they think they can do whatever they want because what Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas whoever came up with that marketing quote should be burned.


99. Love – Observing their reactions to locals’ idea of everyday craziness, it’s comforting to see what tough skin it has left me with; Vegas is “foreign” compared to any other place.

Hate – Tourists who treat locals like they are servants/get hammered and get lost.


100. Love – I love hearing the stories about what brought them here in the first place.

Hate – I hate hate hate driving around the strip trying to get around all the tourists.

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