5 Simple Dating Tips For Men

1. Hold her hand in public. It’s like saying you are proud to have her.

2. Girls have the power to find out everything, so I suggest you don’t lie to them.

3. If she’s good enough to be your girlfriend, she’s good enough to be your best friend. Communicate as such.

4. Don’t just tell her what she wants to hear, show her.

5. Don’t ever push a loyal girl to the point where she doesn’t care anymore.

Also, understand that your girlfriend should never be jealous of another woman. Instead, you should do your best to make other women jealous of her. Keep it simple and if your girlfriend doesn’t like another girl, you don’t talk to that girl. There’s probably a good reason for her disliking the other female. It’s not about letting her be in control, but simply respecting her and how she feels. If she gets carried away with telling you who you should talk to and not talk to then it’s time to put your foot down.

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