Details On The New Gansevoort Hotel And Drai’s After-hours In Las Vegas 2014

The time is near and we are all eager to see the final product. Victor Drai plans to re-open the space that once was Bill’s Gamblin Hall that sits on Flamingo and Las Vegas BLVD in April-May 2014 and will be called the Gansevoort Hotel. According to Victor Drai, The property will be a 65,000 sq. ft. space with a capacity of 5,000 people. Drai’s after-hours will be located in the basement as before, but remodeled. There will be a dayclub and nightclub as well along with many other amenities added to make this a supreme hotel.

A piece taken from Vegas Seven: Drai tells Vegas Seven the rooftop club is “an evolution to my next level. It’s going to be very beautiful in a very unique spot. The location is quite magical by itself. It’s very, very powerful.” On his inspiration, Drai adds, “The inspiration was there 20 years ago when I came to the Barbary Coast. I saw the roofs and I wanted to do something then, but at that time I could not because of another project. That would take us 15 years.”

Guests, upon entering, “They’re not going to say anything,” Drai says in his strong French accent. “When they walk in, they’re going to have their mouths dropped. They will be very emotional. It will be very special. Like you remember the first time you walked in XS. It will be a very powerful moment.”

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